Ametek DrexelBrook 3A Approved Point Level Probes and Systems

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Ametek DrexelBrook 3A Approved Point Level Probes and Systems

Drexelbrook has 60 years’ experience as a supplier of level measuring instruments for process industries. When it comes to sensors for hygienic processes, Drexelbrook now has the ideal probe to measure level in tanks, containers and pipes requiring 3A certification.

The point level measurement using these probes is easy to install, set up, put into operation and they are extremely cost effective.
Drexelbrook 3A probes are level sensors with the unique requirements of the food industry and optimized for hygienic applications requiring CIP and SIP cleaning operations. Gapless designs, FDA certified materials and fittings, allow trouble free long-term use.

Designed for use with liquids, slurries and bulk solids such as grains and powders.

Broad System Compatibility
Drexelbrook capacitive/RF admittance 3 terminal probe sensors are designed for use in any of our point level products lines. System options include the Z-Tron IV, The Point Line Powered, The Point Loop Powered and the IntelliPoint Series of products.

The 700-3201 series probes are 3 Terminal point level probes designed with Drexelbrook Cote Shield technology to eliminate the effects of coatings and media build-up on the probe.

3A approved Tri-Clamp fitting sizes of 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3” and 4” are standard. 3A Probe product selections can be made directly in the system configuration when ordering the product.


Key Features
• Cote Shield Technology eliminates effect of product build-up on probe
• Suitable for CIP and SIP
• FDA Certified Materials

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